Love Like an Ocean

I am in Marco Island, FL for the week, and as I sit in my condo on the 8th floor, I can see the Gulf water as it approaches the beach below. Earlier today, I had the pleasure of learning to sail a Hobie Cat on that same water. To most, that water represents fun. To some, it represents power. To me, it represents love. On first blush, that may sound a little crazy, but if you continue reading you will understand.

In April 2012, I visited my natural mom (Carol) for the second time in less than four weeks. My second trip quickly followed my first for a simple reason – after 36 years apart, a weekend is not enough to satisfy the need to be together. It’s a strong bond that is created between a mom and her baby in the womb – and once that bond is experienced, it’s gut-wrenching to separate again.

During my April visit, Mom asked if I would like to go to the beach. I enjoy the water and the feel of sand under my feet, so I quickly agreed. As we watched the waves crash on the beach, Mom started to explain that her love for me is an ocean. She told me that despite our separation, she had an endless supply of love that was designated just for me from the time she found out she was pregnant with me.

I had never considered the ocean as a metaphor for love, but I must admit I immediately liked the idea. The ocean is massive. The ocean is powerful. The ocean constantly flows. The ocean is overwhelming. The ocean is mysterious. The ocean is profound. The ocean is deep. The ocean is beautiful. The ocean is my Mom’s love.

It would take an ocean of love to allow another family to adopt your child because you believed it would be best for her. Likewise, it would take an ocean of love to keep loving that child through 36 years of separation – especially when you were never allowed to see that child or hold that child and had reconciled yourself that you never would.

I took a photo of my Mom on that pivotal day. It’s one of my favorites because she’s standing on the beach with the water behind her – the same water she used to describe her love for me. Yeah, my Mom’s love is an ocean and I am blessed to actively experience it now.