About Me

Hi! I’m Becky and I’m adopted. I’m married to a great guy, and enjoy reading, watching sports, and golfing. I’m a professional leadership consultant and attorney. I have a good relationship with my adoptive family AND my natural family.

I assume you’re visiting this blog because you are adopted or because you want to know what it’s like to be adopted. I’m glad you’re here. Be sure to comment on my posts if something strikes you – this is a journey for all of us and I think it’s a journey that is better shared and discussed.


5 comments on “About Me

  1. Tiffany James says:

    I’m 42, was domestically adopted (closed) when I was 4 weeks old and in the past year I have met my birth mom and dad. In fact, I met my birth father the day after you met yours. I’m glad to find your blog because we seem to have a similar outlook on adoption and reunion. I especially like the “you cannot be replaced” entry, which I think is what everyone wants to believe and is true. I love all of my parents and would not be the person I am without any of them.

  2. Kelly says:

    I have just read your entire site and blogs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey. I know how difficult it is to put that “adoption business” out there. I am hoping one day I can have the answers and reunion like you’ve had and I appreciate your honest and we’ll-spoken approach. Much of my story, minus the finding of birth parents, is similar to yours. Thanks again!

  3. Cornelia says:

    I am envious of your situation.. Mine is a bit complicated..
    I am 21.. I know I was adopted since then but my adoptive parents got separated when I was 6..
    I am with my father’s new family who find only out that he was already married and he have me after a few years my sister was born…
    Most of the time I am getting depressed with how my father’s family is treating me… I can feel no affection, and care as they usually insinuate I am only adopted and that I am not a real daughter of my dad, the same what I have felt from my extended family in father’s side… People tend to get jealous and insecure about me, when I receive gifts, accomplish something and etc…and believe me they never fail to let me feel out of place even thru small gestures…
    I do not know if this only a Filipino culture or what, or it is happening there as well… As an adopted child, I try me best to please these peope, but I know I cannot… I am just saving money right now to be able to move out and live my life indepedently.. I am planning to look for my real parents after I have the adequate resources…
    Sorry, I just wanna vent out these feelings.. Thanks

    • Becky says:

      Cornelia, I am so sorry you are experiencing this situation. Difficult enough to be adopted without adding a divorce and yet another new family into the mix. I wish I had some words to share that would ease your concerns, but I am afraid I don’t have any. I will say that I am very happy to listen any time you need to vent, so feel free to use this comments section for that purpose. Becky

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