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37 years, 8 months, and 6 days ago I was born. About 10 days after that my natural mom gave up her parental rights so I could be adopted. She was barely 17. My adoptive parents were 26 and 25 and my adoptive brother was 7.

Why do the numbers matter?

  • My age is important because it has taken me this long to commit my thoughts, reflections, and anxieties to paper – well, in this case, to screen
  • My natural mom’s age is important because it represents the primary reason she was encouraged to terminate her parental rights – “too young” to raise a child
  • My adoptive parents’ ages matter because they represent the stability that was promised from another family
  • And my brother, well, his age matters because he was to become my playmate and my best friend – in spite of our age gap

This blog is about my journey through those 37 years, 8 months, and 6 days as an adopted kid – a journey I anticipate will continue as long as I live because I always have been and always will be “adopted.”

I don’t know how often I will post – though I will try to post regularly.

I don’t know how relevant my journey will be to yours – though I suspect you will find common ground with me.

I don’t know how helpful my words will be to those who want to be “enlightened” on an adopted kid’s perspective – though I chose a public forum for my writing in hope that I can bring something of value to the table.

I do know this is an important journey for me, and I welcome your feedback as I relate it to you.

Welcome to my blog,

5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog”

  1. I always knew you were amazing.
    This proves it even more. Thanks for letting
    Us in.. Was just thinking about starting my own blog. You have encouraged me to do so.

  2. I just ran across your blog today and have been reading your story. It is very interesting from your perspective as I am in the beginning stages of potentially adopting my foster baby. I read everything I can to enlighten me as a soon to be adoptive mommy. I’m learning as much about his birth mom and dad as possible to share positive stories one day when he ask, I understand he will have questions and I want to provide answers. I want his story to be positive and for him to know he is loved so much I cannot even put into words. When do you tell him he is adopted, how do we reassure him that he is every bit our son and loved as such, does he know we will never change our minds? The questions and worries are endless. Thank you for writing your story and helping not only other adopted children/adults but also helping adoptive mommies like myself.

    1. Thanks, Marissa. Your son is blessed to have a mom who is sensitive to the issues he may face as an adoptee. I pray you are blessed with wisdom and discernment as you explore your questions and arrive at answers. Becky

      1. I ran across this past post, wow so much has changed since March 2014. We did adopt our son in September of 2014, I did meet his biological parents and family. Life has been wonderful, we frequently talk about adoption in our everyday conversations, hoping that he will just always know he was adopted. I also have asked 100’s of questions to the biological family regarding the simplest of likes to the why’s and how they got to the place they were to lose all rights to our son. I have cried with his bio mom, laughed with her, had coffee with her, had her over to our house, and been super mad at her. Thankfully, I have a new perspective of adoption today verses 2 years ago. I don’t focus on him being adopted, yet I embrace it. My worries are few and far between, he is my son, not my adopted son, just my beautiful, wonderfully made son!

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